“Cant say in just a few words what your Thursday evening talk meant to me xx You are amazing and soo positive it’s an inspiration x Thanks for the recipes – am on it !!! Am going to write you a letter x I love words sooo look out for a long one xx”.   Sam Sole, Oct 2017

Events that you can book now

There are multiple dates available for one topic.  Please click on the following link for more details.

  1. How to Choose our Best Health. A Terminal Cancer Thriver Story

Additional dates, additional locations and additional lifestyle medicine topics will be announced regularly.  Please sign up to the newsletter to be kept up to date.


About The Cancer JourneyMan events

These are not my events: they are your events.  As such they are styled as ‘a conversation with the audience’.  These events are not about a patronising preach at audience attendees about how crap they are doing in managing their health.  These talks:

  • recognise that we are all amazing people, achieving amazing things and overcoming amazing hardships
  • about hope, belief, ideas and inspiration that, I hope, will put a huge spring in your stride.

In my  experience of managing the best way forward in health, I have found it hugely empowering, and indeed part of becoming healthier, if I accept that the decisions about what to believe, and what actions to take, rest with me. And only me.  There is a lot of talk about evidence based advice and yet at some points in time Government health departments tell us to avoid fat (the evidence says…) yet in the next moment health gurus are telling us not to avoid fat, but to avoid carbohydrates (the evidence says…).


Please be aware that my events are not about giving you health advice and silver bullets.  They are about giving you health information.

Much of my information is evidenced by what I can show you scientifically what has happened to my body.  Some information is backed up by third party evidence.  Some information does not have evidence because the information is so ‘hot off the press’.

I urge you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  I will support you in this quest any way I know how. This is the only way to you achieving your best health: everyone’s biology and mindset is different.

Otherwise we would be machines, not wonderful unique humans.

I very much look forward to seeing you at one of these events.


“Wow, wow, wow! Those were the most inspirational two hours going! I felt like a child in a sweet shop just sponging up all this information like nectar! Thank you, thank you! Not only did it open my eyes even more to your incredible journey, but it also gave Louise a tremendous amount of positivity to cling to. You are utterly incredible.” Fiona Steel, Oct 2017