You might be interested in any of 4 types of inspirational health event that I am running.  All are focused on inspiring us to lead long, healthy and fulfilled lives through taking confident informed action and responsibility.

Some stuff out there is science, some is art and some is quite frankly, bumkum.  However, we absolutely can keep all these chronic diseases at bay without over-reliance on industrial pharmaceuticals or the doctor’s surgery (much as we love doctors and the NHS).  You can turn shitty diagnoses around if you let your body do it.

These 4 types of events are

1. The Cancer JourneyMan conversations

These are:

  • styled as inspirational conversations with the audience
  • a series of ticketed events in various parts of the country
  • See page for current programme and booking details.

2. ChippyWellFest

This is:

  • a whole day of inspirational TED style health talks, given by experts in lifestyle health
  • 29th September 2018
  • in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
  • a publicly ticketed event
  • See side panel on this page
  • tickets on sale soon.

3. Health inspiration for your friends, client base or interest group

If you are interested in inspiring your circle of friends, client base or your neighbourhood to achieve greater health, why not put bums on seats? I will come along to give my health conversation that you can run as a paid ticket or a free event.

Do contact me with your idea.

4. Health inspiration for your work colleagues

If you are involved in a business that could do with an injection (?!) of health inspiration, give me a call.  I will come into your place of work, your away-day or other business related meeting and give you a zip to life.

Do contact me and we can discuss further.