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November 8, 2019

Nick Parker - The Cancer JourneyMan at the Isbourne

Monday 11th November 2019, Cheltenham at The Isbourne. Tickets available through

Staying Alive documentary with the wonderful Bill Turnbull

October 23, 2019

Bill Turnbull & Nick Parker - The Cancer JourneyMan

Documentary ‘Staying Alive’ airs Thursday 24th Oct, 10pm on Channel 4. I am feeling hugely conflicted at the moment. It does not need me to tell you that I have not posted anything for more than a year now. I had taken a sabatical from all things online for 12 months or so (I haven’t…

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An idea for getting more exercise into every day.

July 19, 2018

Nick Parker- The Cancer JourneyMan - standing at desk

There is so much advice on how much exercise we should be doing. Who knows what is the right advice.  Or what is wrong advice. And how do we assess ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ advice anyway? There are so many considerations to answering this, and I have had so many people challenge me on ‘what is…

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ChippyWellFest free tickets now available- a day of inspiring stories, talks and tips about your lifestyle health

July 6, 2018

ChippyWellFest lifestyle health conference logo

A unique day of inspiring talks to open minds and challenge understanding around lifestyle, health and wellbeing. Generously given to the community by ten expert health practitioners and lifestyle gurus. Hear about: …a real life story of how the prognosis of a terminal disease can be managed through the specifics of living the right lifestyle…

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How to boost your white cell count

June 24, 2018

cancer cell attacked by lymphocytes (white cells)

  I find this topic fascinating. I could make it the rest of my life’s work if I were more focused.  Or were I not to find so many other things about life and health so fascinating. Fascinating because My oncologist said that repairing my white cell count, following 5 months of chemotherapy, was not…

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