This website

I devote each day to inspiring you to live the healthiest years of your life.

You may be facing one of the myriad of chronic illnesses that are sadly an increasing feature of 21st century life, or have a loved one who is facing chronic illness. Or you may be determined to make a personal change by taking action to live a long and wonderful life.

As I hold a terminal prognosis at bay, it is to you that I dedicate this health journey that I am travelling.  I would so love for you to benefit from all the pain that I have been through and the discoveries I have marvelled in.

“Lifestyle medicine” and “self-help healthcare” are terms that describe the very latest thinking and are the only way that you and I can guarantee our best health in our modern world.  Ultimately, the personal journey that you are about to embark on is about finding the optimal balance of mind, body and spirit.  Sadly, our mass healthcare systems are simply not able to provide the necessary routes to health.

This website is just one tool for me to help you learn how to shortcut a route to your best years. Over time you will find other tools here too.

Do let me know how successful I am in my mission.

I hope today is a day that you can rejoice in.

Much love