Heartfelt thanks

I love you to the moon and back

Perhaps this page is written for my self gratification.  I dunno.

By my reckoning, the world does not express enough ‘attitude of gratitude’.

Of course the word ‘world’ is sometimes as distant, meaningless abstract. The world is not an amorphous mass.  It is made up of individuals who can chose how to behave and lead their lives.  There are many, many people who display spontaneous and unconditional acts of enormous kindness.  And not just directed towards me and my journey.

And these acts sit hidden in the negative barrage of modern life.

The wave of generosity directed my way has become so enormous recently that I just had to do something about it.  Perhaps I have answered my own question.  I am writing to appease my mind. But I also hope to bring more attention to the wonderful health giving properties that individuals can bestow on each other through acts of unconditional giving. No matter how big or small, no matter who you are, wherever you are.

And so, whilst retaining the anonymity that has been asked for, I need to express my gratitude to the many wonderful individuals (you know who you are) who have been so unconditionally generous.

Your acts have been so humbling to my family and me.  They are more tonic for health than I will ever be able to express. Whether in written or spoken word. On some measures the journey that my family and I have had to tread over the past few years has been a challenging one, to say the least. However, I know that whilst I would not have chosen the struggle that comes with a chronic illness, I would not have missed it for the world.  And number one on the list of new pleasures that this struggle brings is the warm feeling that comes with people who selflessly find a way to deepen their connection with me.

And I hope that I can repay your kindness by taking my self-help heath message to the four corners of humanity.

Some of the wonderful things that you have done

In no particular order. Where every single thing you have done brings its own wonderful, energising message. Size matters not.

  1. Funded family holidays
  2. Taken my family on holiday with you
  3. Taken Susannah & I on holiday with you
  4. Provided short breaks
  5. Though we couldn’t make it, invited us on countless holidays
  6. Raised money for my family
  7. Written cheques for us to decide what to treat ourselves to
  8. Bank rolled me as I reduce my client work
  9. Given me books and book recommendations
  10. Funded aspects of my healthcare
  11. Treated Susannah. She so deserves it
  12. Treated my children.  They deserve it too
  13. Painted my portrait
  14. Raised money for charity, in my name
  15. Run marathons in my name. Some of these being on the other side of the world
  16. Staged events for me
  17. Asked me to talk at your events
  18. Agreed to talk at my events
  19. Been a client, providing me with work
  20. Trusted me by buying a ticket to one of my ‘conversation with an audience’ events
  21. Written me letters (some being four pages long)
  22. Engaged with me, over social media, email, phone and whilst sitting at dinner parties
  23. Shared your insights, thoughts and opinions. Challenged mine
  24. Introduced me to people who have changed my world, no matter how slight
  25. Engaged in some of my madcap schemes, such as sending me hats from the other side of the globe
  26. Being part of my healthcare team, with and without financial recompense
  27. Tended to our garden
  28. Cooked me food
  29. Supplied weekly organic veg boxes
  30. Said you loved me.

I love you all.