Testimonials for Nick Parker – The Cancer JourneyMan

Wonderful people have been wonderful in sending me encouragement as I strive to get an important health message out there: how we can all make a life changing difference to our health if we

  1. believe
  2. take the responsibility
  3. do something today, no matter how small that something is.

Some of the lovely words that people have sent to me are included below.  I hope these inspire you to reach for the sky as you go on your health journey:

“Nick’s talks are truly inspirational, I am one of the world’s cynical old goats but have now been totally converted, I would challenge anyone to go and not be moved and come away a true believer. Well done Nick.”
Terje Gilje, April 2018

“I am beyond grateful for this! Thank you for your kindness and readiness to help. I just want to say again how much your talk impressed me and how your attitude inspires me. “
Constantin Patt, Jan 2018

“Thank you for your amazing talk on Saturday Nick. You are doing incredible things for yourself and others. Very best wishes.”
Alexandra Rock, Jan 2018

“Wow, wow, wow! Those were the most inspirational two hours going! I felt like a child in a sweet shop just sponging up all this information like nectar! Thank you, thank you! Not only did it open my eyes even more to your incredible journey, but it also gave Louise a tremendous amount of positivity to cling to. You are utterly incredible.”
Fiona Steel, Oct 2017

“That was a brilliant morning. So proud of you Nick, truly inspiring, moving and I’m in awe of your incredible attitude and approach.”
Philomena Lufkin, Oct 2017

“Hi Nick
Cant say in just a few words what your Thursday evening talk meant to me xx You are amazing and soo positive it’s an inspiration x Thanks for the recipes – am on it !!! Am going to write you a letter x I love words sooo look out for a long one xx.”
Sam Sole, Oct 2017

“Great talk and I’m incredibly inspired by your mindset and message about responsibility! See you soon and keep up the good work – more people need to hear what you have to say! “
Max Rigby, Oct 2017

“Your talk was very inspirational and mind blowing. The amount of research and detail you have gone into is amazing.”
Louise McLean, Oct 2017