ChippyWellFest free tickets now available- a day of inspiring stories, talks and tips about your lifestyle health

July 6, 2018

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A unique day of inspiring talks to open minds and challenge understanding around lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

Generously given to the community by ten expert health practitioners and lifestyle gurus.

Hear about:

…a real life story of how the prognosis of a terminal disease can be managed through the specifics of living the right lifestyle choices.

…we love our NHS, but we are asking it to do things that it was never designed to do.  Learn about new public healthcare and its implications on how we must change our approach to our health.

…there is so much dietary advice ‘out there’, much of it ill-informed, old hat or with hidden bias. And there is so much more than what you put into your mouth, or don’t! Learn the rock-solid foundations on which to build your bio-individual nutrition plan.

…everything starts in the mind. Hear how our minds are battling with an impossible task that then translates into physical disease. Understand what we can do to address the ‘monkey mind’.

…there is increasing belief that traditional Eastern medical approaches are much more suited to correcting our Western health pandemics. Gain insight on the solutions that time has forgotten and the corporate West has no motivation for. Discover how we can harness these therapies for ourselves.

…our bodies where never built for sedentary lifestyles. The science behind moving. We can do everything needed in the day, whether we are a ‘gym bunny’, or not. Although many of us think we know how to exercise, new science is telling us that we have got much of it wrong, from the type of movement we are doing (or not!) to the language we use, to how to monitor that we are making progress.

…hear how a completely new business approach that combines modern science, ancient technology and the understanding of gut & digestion is making a material difference to public health by changing our eating habits for the better.

…when in proper working order our bodies function like well-oiled machines, relying on hormones playing a role in very biological process. Understand what this means for all of us, men and women equally, even when we are not part of the menopausal, pregnant or teenage populations!

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