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January 21, 2018

Nick Parker - the Cancer JourneyMan - Nordic walking

Today I experimented with Nordic walking for the first time.  And wish that I had discovered this before. I am now a convert.

I love the thought that I can improve on the seemingly simple matter of walking.

And I have to thank dear friend, Claire Worthington for this tip.  She shared this at a recent talk I was giving. I was explaining my daily exercise routine (that includes 40 mins of early morning walking) and the fact that I was wrestling with a frozen shoulder. Claire mentioned that Nordic walking had really helped fix her frozen shoulder.

What is Nordic Walking

Simply put, it is walking with a pair of appropriate length walking poles.  A pole is used by each arm to match each opposing leg step taken.

There are various types of pole (such as telescopic ones for ease of including in travel luggage). I bought a pair of Leki Nordic Supreme Shark poles. This brand is reputed to be amongst the best.

Leki supreme-shark-nordic-walking-poles
Leki supreme-shark-nordic-walking-poles

There is a style of walking to adopt, but this is easy to learn through practice.

There are alternatives to Nordic walking and Nordic walking poles (such as Exerstrider).  I don’t have experience of these alternatives, but the principles and benefits I can only imagine are much the same.

Why I am now a Nordic walking convert

In addition to the numerous benefits of walking, the benefits of Nordic walking are widely reported, and include

  1. bringing more of an all over workout to my walking: adding neck, shoulder, arms and upper body movement;
  2. The movement of my arm and opposing leg makes me stride out longer and faster.  In doing so the evidence says that I burn up to 40% more calories.  In less time;
  3. it brings a more vigorous movement to my armpit lymph nodes. (Since the lymphatic system does not have my heart to pump it, the motions of muscles and joints are vital in moving lymph fluid around my body).  A healthy lymph system is very important due to its role in aiding the immune system in the removal of waste, dead blood cells, pathogens, toxins, and cancer cells;
  4. I can feel it adding new movement to my frozen shoulder.

Where to go for Nordic walking poles, professional advice and club news

I have been recommneded Ashley Sandy at www.wessexnordicwalking.com


So, there you have it. I shall be Nordic walking in the mornings from now on.

If you are Nordic walking, or decide to take it up, let me know how you get on.

4 thoughts on “Daily exercise tip – Nordic Walking”

  1. I took up power walking back in 2011 when I did London moonwalk with some friends and as I had replacement knee had to give up my running! Anyway I decided few years later to do a weekend Nordic walking course which I really enjoyed but decided not to do exams as had a mother with Alzheimer’s and that was enough pressure to live with …however I decided to apply everything I learnt and my friends and I do so many challenging walks like with our poles Lekki of course …tomorrow got 10 miler ..training with our poles ..got 3 peaks Yorkshire challenge coming up did Isle of Weight last year 106k with our poles in 22hours 25 mins ..feel so good inside and out …nothi g like fresh air and Nordic walking and hoping when she eventually move to Denmark I will get more involved in this healthy sport

    1. Hi Veronica
      Thanks do much for sharing your experiences. I agree with all your enthusiasm for the wonderful healthy sport that Nordic walking is. Keep it up!!

  2. Hi Nick
    It’s great to hear what Nordic Walking has done for you !
    I have been a convert for over two years. I was an ultra marathoner when I discovered I had end stage osteoarthritis in my right hip. I had a very successful hip resurfacing but was told that running was a thing of the past.
    I was devastated but read about the benefits of Nordic Walking. I tried it, loved it and have gone on to become a YMCA leve 3 personal trainer, specialising in Nordic Walking. I have done the Nordic Walking UK instructor course and found that vastly beneficial.
    I’m a paramedic and a university lecturer but looking to providing others with the Nordic Walking experience as part of my stay fit retirement strategy.
    I don’t just Nordic walk – I have tried it with an Elevation mask – working the respiratory very hard – up to the equivalent of 18,000 ft – peak flow up by nearly 30% and I am also a ‘sled dragger’, pulling a small sled across grass or beach with upto 30kgs on it !
    Just some ideas for you to consider!

    Wishing you a long, happy and healthy associations with Nordic Walking.

    John Horton
    Paramedic, Personal Trainer and general madman.
    Pole Stars, Medway.

    1. Hi John
      How wonderful to hear from you. I love the thoughts of the Elevation mask and the sled. As you say some ideas for me to consider. Thank you so much for sharing your comments for everyone to benefit from. Keep at it!!

Please do let me know your thoughts I will get back to you. Thanks.