Competition leaderboard- How many whole plant foods can you pack into your breakfast?

August 29, 2017

As at 10pm 29th August.

A few days ago I announced a game to inspire you all to get ever healthier. The above picture is my vegan ketogenic (ultra low carb; high plant fat) breakfast that I had daily whilst on holiday this summer in Ibiza.

Can you match or beat me for the number of whole plant food ingredients in your breakfast?

Current leaderboard

  • 1. Sarah Siese – 15 ingredients
  • 2= Louise Duffy – 5 ingredients
  • 2= Annalisa Di Bella – 5 ingredients
  • 4. Emma Daglish Suter – 4 ingredients

A reminder that

  1. Animal protein derived foods do not count.
  2. ‘factory fiddled with’ food does not count (eg plant yogurts, plant milk) unless you can convince me that you made them at home!
  3. The decision of the judge (me!) is final, however wrong I might be!

The rules of the game

  1. Share a picture of your breakfast with me, using any of my social media channels (Facebook; Twitter or Instagram) listing the ingredients.
  2. The person submitting a breakfast with the most whole plant veggies, fruit, grains, nuts and seeds, herbs, spices and vegetable/nut/seed oils wins a free ticket to my forthcoming lifestyle health talk.
  3. Deadline is 5pm, Sunday, 3rd September.

There is still plenty of time for others to win.  Thank you to everyone for taking part.

Please do let me know your thoughts I will get back to you. Thanks.