Michael McIntyre. Totally Irrepressible.

June 2, 2018

Michael McIntyre taking Nick Parker out to lunch Raphael Hospital 31st May 2018 1


I had the greatest of privileges on Thursday just gone.  I caught up with the totally irrepressible man that is Michael McIntyre.  As many of you will know Michael is recovering from a stroke, currently at Raphael Hospital.

You will be delighted to hear that he is his usual self: challenging convention, full of self-deprecating humour and as determined as ever a man could be.

Michael was very keen to tell me that he has a new motto to live life by: ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’. How very apt.

He also regaled how he had crawled over the bars of his bed and hauled himself all the way to the front door of Abingdon hospital. (Michael’s left side is severely paralysed so this will have been quite a feat). He was stopped by a male nurse, understandably asking him what on earth he was doing.  Michael had great joy in telling him that he was in the process of getting back into the ambulance so that he could drive himself into Oxford!

On the Thursday of my visit he managed to get the hospital management team to break the strict rules of their neuro-rehab protocol and allow him to take me to the local pub for lunch, for which we needed his carer and his wheel chair all shoehorned into my little car.

What a special day I had with special man.  I am quite sure that michael’s determination will ensure that we will enjoy his presence in our community before too long.

Please do let me know your thoughts I will get back to you. Thanks.