A real human example of how the conventional medical system is failing us

August 5, 2017

Here is a snippet of a conversation that I contributed to on Facebook today. The lady’s story is heartbreaking.

I share this conversation because

  1. unfortunately her experience is widespread.  I have experienced it personally
  2. I passionately believe in both the answer I give and that the more people who read this answer, so much the better.

The comment flow explains everything.

The lady’s original post…

I feel terrible for writing this ‘doom and gloom’ status – but I’m hoping for some positive inspiration.

I’ve just been told there are no more treatments available and they are looking into palliative care at home (I’m still in Christies with a chest infection).

Is there anyone else in this position? I’m wondering what I can do to help myself because I feel like I’m just being sent home to die. xxx xxx

In reply to her post there were then some great comments and suggestions by others.

And my comment to her…

So sorry to hear your story XXXX. There is so much great stuff written here that you have now discovered as a result of

  1. those misguided doctors saying what they did, and
  2. you having the courage to tell your story.

It is so human to forget it: however remember that you have to control your mind otherwise you will be a victim of it. The route to correcting and maintaining our health is through our mind.

Most physical disease is a physical sign of an internalised mental stress. You have been given the wonderful sign to stop taking conventional pharmaceutical drugs (because they don’t work; often make you more ill; and address the symptoms & not the causes).

The great news is that you are now one step closer to the truth. I have fended off my terminal cancer diagnosis (Christmas Eve 2015) by doing much of the stuff talked about above. I feel my physical best when I work on 3 things: mind, body and spirit. The opposite is true too – I feel my worst when I forget some aspect of this, and the fury of modern living tends to make me forget, or not make time for, the mind and spirit bit.

It sounds like this might be the same for you. I strongly suggest you look into making small steps each day in any of the following: meditation, yoga, chanting, visualisation, positive self talk, loving others, loving your self, eradicating toxic relationships & thoughts, EFT,etc.

We all believe in you XXXX because this is the power of the human spirit.


(I have not mentioned the lady’s name to protect her privacy).

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Please do let me know your thoughts I will get back to you. Thanks.